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SmaK Plastics offers a complete portfolio of “Solid-wall” material handling bins for all applications. With multiple bins styles and footprints it ensures we have the right bin for you. Capacities range from (21) to (57) cubic feet, and manufactured from FDA approved resins. All of our bins are nestable when empty for optimizing storage space and backhaul transport.

Offering the industry standard footprints 50″ x 42″, 48″ x 44″ and 49″ x 41″, and heights from 30″ to 62″, this means we have a bin that will work with your existing fleet. With (3) different bolt-on bases available will allow you to determine what best fits your application.

Our bins can be used in many different applications, including food processing, recycling (Metal, paper, and glass), disposing of waste by-products, wine fermentation, and Hazardous Material Transport (Class 9).