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SmaK Plastics started in 2007. With our trained staff we have over 50 years of experience in plastic solutions focusing on rotational molding. We have worked with customers and industry leaders to assist in the development of material handling products.

We have one simple goal in mind,

“make products that meet and exceed our customer’s expectation and needs”

Our line of products are made from Food Grade Approved polyethylene resin, which is easily cleaned, durable under the harshest environments, and built to last. We have the ability to select the material which best fits your application.

If you don’t see the product you are looking for, please contact a SmaK Plastics representative to determine a solution for you. Frequently we have worked with customers who are using product that makes their jobs more difficult instead of less. Our job at SmaK Plastics is to provide you the solution that reduces cost, time and improves efficiencies and productivity.

We have the team at Smak Plastics to assist you with the design and developments of you material handling application, whether it’s a bin, tote, hopper, tank or pallet.

Please contact us for addition information, or assistance.